Are used by a project owner

The construction documents define the quantities and all materials required to construct a project, they establish the contractual obligations for the client and the contractor, and they define the roles of the construction team members.

What Are Construction Documents

  • A set of complete construction documents is made up of two to three components. The set can range from a single sheet to potentially hundreds of sheets.
  • The drawings typically begin with the sheets of ‘A’, Architectural, followed by ‘S’ for Structural, ‘I’ for Interiors, ‘P’ for Plumbing, ‘E’ for Electrical, ‘M’ for Mechanical, etcetera.
  • Another component commonly included in a set of construction documents is the specifications manual or “spec book.” The spec book is a written project manual that covers products.
  • Since the construction documents become part of the legal construction contract, it is extremely important to produce complete and accurate documents.
  • When the construction documents are complete, they are subject to code and legal reviews. Upon completion of reviews and approvals.

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