Koala picks a new shop a healthy shop for kids are about to open. As a new business owner, our client has hunt down various hop that will not only provide them the space to bake but also a place for fun workshop for the kids. With our renovation and fit-out work finish. Their door will soon open for business and online orders


HOW DO WE WORK? In Fit Out: 1. We meet and discuss with the client his/her requirements. 2. A site visit is done to take a visual and technical survey of the facilities. 3. If it is a design and build project, the Interior Designer/Architect gets involved with the sales team in coordination with the…
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Incorporating different styles & Extra help

Incorporating different styles One of the most difficult tasks of stylising your house on your own is to make things work. If you are not an interior designing then you might find it difficult to make all the things work and go well together. This might end up you making costly errors which will eventually…
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Wide availability and insight into resources

Wide availability and insight into resources One of the perks of having deco wood decoration for hire is that the our designer will have access to resources and materials at reasonable prices that the common people might not have. We have a wide network of supplire who are within this industry, which may prove helpful…
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